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to enroll -

     If you would like to enroll your student in Carmen Dragon, please stop by the Main Office and pick up a Registration Packet. If the office is closed, packets may be obtained from the District Offices located at 510 "G" St., Antioch (925-779-7500). You will need your student's birth certificate, immunization record, and two proofs of residence (lease/rental agreement, utility bills, tax statement, mortgage statement, etc.).  You will be asked for a picture ID to confirm identification.

     If you are outside of our school's boundaries, you may apply for an intra-district transfer. Please go to your home school to start the process.

     If you live outside of Antioch, you will need an inter-district transfer. Please do the following: 1) go to your home district and get a release.”  2) Go to the District Office located at 510 “G” St. , Antioch (925-779-7500) to obtain an “approval. 3) Come to Carmen Dragon with the approval and enroll per the directions above. 


Welcome to Carmen Dragon Elementary School

     Carmen Dragon Elementary School is a beautiful, newer facility located in southeast Antioch between Hillcrest Avenue and Vista Grande Drive. Our school is currently home to approximately 500 students. Our families live and work in the surrounding areas and represent a wide variety of cultures and traditions. We are extremely proud of the teaching and support staff at Carmen Dragon and are committed to providing our students with as many tools as possible to prepare them for a successful future.

Emergency Preparedness

Be Ready in a Flash Create a Survival Flash Drive

If there were a fire, flood, or other disaster that destroyed your home, where would your important documents such as birth certificate, passport, deed, licenses, permits, etc. be? Protect yourself by scanning all your important documents and storing them on a Survival Flash Drive. Click for more information.

Parent Guide for School Emergencies

What you need to know to be prepared for a school emergency.

Click for English and español.

Earthquake Preparedness

Are you prepared for an earthquake ?

Do you have an earthquake supplies kit ?

Keep a clothes bin accessible and ready.


Common Core State Standards (CCSS)


As you may be aware, California –along with 45 other states, has adopted new Common Core State Standards (CCSS) in English Language Arts and mathematics. Students will be assessed on the CCSS beginning in the 2014-2015 school year. AUSD will transition grades Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd to the CCSS beginning in the 2013-14 school year as these grades are not part of the current State Testing and Reporting (STAR) program.  This transition will require new English Language Arts curriculum as the current adopted materials are not aligned to the CCSS. These materials are available for preview on May 7th from 3:30 – 5:30 pm in the AUSD Board Room located at 510 G. Street. Staff will be on hand to answer any questions you might have regarding the new materials.

Parking Lot Guidelines

Please enter ONLY from the Country Hills Drive entrance. The driveway on Vista Grande is an EXIT ONLY.
Parking for parent volunteers, visitors and/or kindergarten pick up or drop off is in the large paved parking lot adjacent to the YMCA.
The circle in front of the kindergarten building is OFF LIMITS. There is no waiting or parking inside or in front of this driveway due to fire regulations. Please do not park facing the building in front of the horseshoe parking lot.
Exit from the parking lots via Vista Grande Drive, NOT Country Hills Drive.
Parking is encouraged, if you are picking up a student in grades 1-5. Children may be picked up in the quad by the flag pole. Crosswalks are provided for your safety. Please exit via Vista Grande Drive.
If you wish to pick your child up, by car, please pull your vehicle forward in the line and remain IN your car. No cars should be left unattended at any time.
Parking spots marked “STAFF” are for school personnel only. Please park in unmarked spaces if you wish to leave your car. Handicapped parking spaces are available next to the YMCA for parents/guardians/visitors. The handicapped parking spaces in the staff lot are for school personnel.
Thank you for your ongoing cooperation!

At Carmen Dragon, we wear uniforms!

Students wear the following uniform colors while at school.


Solid White or Navy Blue collard shirt (Polo, turtleneck, or button, long or short sleeve).

Any CDE logo shirt

Undershirts or ...more

En Carmen Dragon Usamos Uniforme!

Los estudiantes pueden usar los siguientes colores de uniforme en la escuela.


Blanca, camisa de collar Azul Marino (Polo, cuello de tortuga, o botones, (de manga corta o larga).

Cua ...more

Standards-Based Report Card

The Standards-Based Report Card reflects the Antioch Unified School District’s commitment to provide the best information possible to parents regarding student learning. This guide provides an overview of what is included in the Standards-Based Report Card, explains the rubric for grading students, and answers frequently asked questions. The California Department of Education outlines the educational standards in the California State Curriculum Frameworks. The Frameworks contain standards for each grade level in each curricular area. Each standard may include many learning objectives that outline what each student should know and be able to do at the end of each grade level. Teachers use a variety of formal and informal assessments, students work, and daily observation of student performance when reporting student progress. The Standards-Based Report Card is designed to provide accurate, concise, and consistent communication of student performance and growth over time. We hope the Standards-Based Report Card is a useful tool that enhances school and home ommunication, and that it provides the basis for ongoing dialogue to support each student’s success.

Reporte de Calificaciones Basado en los Estandares

El Reporte de Calificaciones basado en los Estándares refleja el compromiso del Distrito Unificado Escolar de Antioch de proveer la mejor información posible a los padres sobre el aprendizaje de los alumnos. Esta guía provee una visión general de lo que está incluido en el Reporte de Calificaciones, explica las puntuaciones para calificar a los estudiantes y responde a preguntas frecuentes.

Report Card Parent Handbooks

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Acrobat Reader [Go]
Today: 7/24/14

Contact Information

Mark Hemauer,Principal

Kathleen Brinkerhoff ,Admin. Assistant

925 779-7475 Phone

925 779-7476 FAX

Calendar of Events 2014-2015

August 13  First Day of School

August 21  Back To School Night

August 22  EARLY RELEASE 11:15/11:20

September 1  Labor Day - NO SCHOOL

October 9  Fall Picture Day

October 13 NO SCHOOL

November 3-7 EARLY RELEASE 11:15/11:20 (Conference Week)

November 10  Staff Development Day - NO SCHOOL for Students

November 11  Veteran's Day Holiday

November 13  Make-up Picture Day

November 25-29  Thanksgiving Break

December 19  EARLY RELEASE 11:15/11:20

December 22-January 5  Winter Break

January 19  Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday Observance - NO SCHOOL

February 10 Lincoln's Birthday - NO SCHOOL

February 16 President's Day - NO SCHOOL

February 23-27  EARLY RELEASE 11:15/11:20 (Conference Week)

March 10  Spring Picture Day (Free Dress)

March 13  NO SCHOOL 

March 31  NO SCHOOL - Staff Development Day

April 03 -April 10  SPRING

April 21 5th Grade Panoramic

May 14  Open House 6:30

May 15  EARLY RELEASE 11:15/11:20

May 25  NO SCHOOL - Memorial Day

June 2-4  EARLY RELEASE 11:15/11:20


Bell - 2 - Bell

At Carmen Dragon Elementary, 

scholars are expected be in school


Excellent attendance is directly related to academic success.  

Teachers are delivering lessons on a daily basis that are

linked to the California Standards and Benchmarks. 

When students are absent, they miss out on valuable instruction. 

The guidance of a teacher cannot be duplicated in a

textbook or worksheet.

5 Minutes DOES Matter!

Did you know that if your child misses an average of

just five (5) minutes of school every day

 (either in the morning or afternoon)

That s/he has missed 

900 minutes or  15 hours or 

2.3 days of school?

(10 min. = 4.6 days,   15 min. = 6.9 days,  

20 min. = 9.2 days)


Truancy Matters!

 Research has shown that

truancy does matter.

Did you know???

     80% of state prisoners are high school dropouts & 78% committed truancy as a first time crime

     57% of violent crimes committed by juveniles occur during school hours (while they are truant)

     Middle school truant students are three times more likely to join gangs

     In Contra Costa County, a 10% increase in graduation rates could prevent 10 murders and 770 aggravated assaults (annually)

     High school dropouts are 3 ½  times more likely to be arrested than high school graduates

     High school dropouts are eight times more likely to spend time in jail or prison than high school graduates

     High school graduates earn on average $290,000 more than high school drop outs over their lifetimes

     CA spends $12 billion a year in crime costs alone as a result to high school dropouts

     High school dropouts are 2 ½ times more likely to end up on welfare than high school graduates